Friday, April 21, 2006

Fingers are SO interesting.

Ben's really working to figure out how all these parts work. From what I've seen this week, it looks like he's particularly interested in his left hand -- getting it to his mouth, and here, figuring out how fingers work. Wonder if he's going to be a lefty? Posted by Picasa

How long do you expect to live?

Here's a link to a post in the SciGuy blog that provides the latest statistical data on longevity, as well as a nice calculator to estimate your life span.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ben's 3 Months Old!

Here's Ben on his 3 month birthday.

Watching him on video via computer, it's fun to watch him working on his eye-hand coordination. The other night it was taking kicking both legs and waving his right arm to help get his left hand to his mouth, but he did it. It's just amazing how fast he's growing and developing. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 07, 2006

What's Up With the Poetry?

You've probably noticed that I've posted some poems lately, and may be wondering what's up.

While working through the book, The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath by Mark Buchanan, he suggests writing poetry as a discipline to help actually see what's around you every day -- as a way to pay attention. One is required to carefully observe and pay attention in order to describe. It causes you to focus on other things, other people, instead of yourself. And it leads to thinking about what you've seen as you write and describe it. So I decided to try it, because I often find myself going through the motions as I follow my agenda, and miss much of what is going on around me.

It's interesting what happens when you give yourself permission to be open to seeing things that you might describe through poetry. YOU SEE THINGS YOU OTHERWISE WOULDN'T SEE! Try it.

As an adjunct to working on paying attention through poetry, I've started a moblog -- a photo blog where the posts are done from my cell phone -- called Way Finding. Sort of the same idea -- be aware of things I am seeing and snapping a photo with my cell phone, as a way of noticing God and His work in every day things. It helps me pay attention to things I wouldn't otherwise notice. If you'd like to know more about moblogging and/or set up one for yourself, let me know.

And I highly recommend Buchanan's book. In a culture that worships being busy, a fresh look at Sabbath and rest can be life-changing.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Mom

A mom,
A large smile on her face,
Was enjoying lunch,
With her adult daughter and friends.

Getting up from the table
Was shaky and difficult,
Three women helping,
Protecting Mom from falling,
Helping Mom steady herself
On her walker with wheels.

A slow procession,
Grouped around still-smiling Mom,
Moved toward the exit.
“I’ve sure enjoyed being with you!”
Was spoken through the smile.

And I, observing unnoticed,
Knew I’d seen a sacred moment,
God’s love shared,
A mom filled with joy.

Jim Hughes
April 5, 2006

In a Hurry

In a hurry,
On his own mission
More important
Than others’ safety,
More important
Than demonstrating respect
Or courtesy for other lives,
The man with the goatee
Stared us back onto the curb
As he drove his red Suzuki
With determination through the crosswalk.

I saw in him,
In his behavior,
A glimpse of me,
Too busy,
Too hurried,
To allow God in.

Being in a hurry,
Being busy with ourselves,
Kills our hearts,
Makes us less like God.

Jim Hughes
April 5, 2006